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Images from Richard Rhyme from the Twin Peaks Fest.

Twin Peaks - Study (x)

- Characters - Ronette Pulaski

“Don’t go there Laura! Don’t go there!”

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Twin Peaks - Study (x)

- Characters - Annie Blackburn

“l feel constantly amazed, stunned. Music and people, the way they talk and laugh, and the way some of them are so clearly in love. lt’s like a foreign language to me. l know just enough of the words to realize how little l understand”

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“I have absolutely no idea where they’re going with the new [Twin Peaks]. I sure hope there’s a place for at least one of my two dead characters.”
—Sheryl Lee

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Twin Peaks - Study (x)

- Characters - Big Ed Hurley

“I’m living my life, Norma. I just don’t like it much”

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TWIN PEAKS → per episode

↳ rest in pain

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Twin Peaks - Study (x)

- Characters - Norma Jennings

“I’d rather be his whore than your wife”

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Auteur Motifs — The Singing Woman (David Lynch)

Of David Lynch’s ten feature films, five of them prominently feature a woman singing on stage. While in some cases this character is more integral to the story than others, the singing itself never fails to affect each protagonist, if only briefly.

As a surrealist, David Lynch draws much of his inspiration from his unconscious—through dreams, transcendental meditation, and otherwise. The recurrence of this character throughout his work highly suggests that this image is one paired very closely with the essence of Lynch’s own mind.

[Chronologically, the films shown above: EraserheadBlue VelvetWild at HeartTwin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and Mulholland Drive]

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